Outdated Towny Commands List


Donor - Duke
Towny Commands List:

Basic Commands:
/towny map [big]:
Shows a map in chat of claims. Each - is 1 chunk
/towny prices: Shows taxes/costs of a town
/towny time: Shows time until next tax/upkeep collection

Plot Commands:
/plot claim:
Personally claim a plot that is for-sale
/plot unclaim: Personally unclaim an owned plot
/plot fs ($): Set a plot for sale
/plot nfs: Set a plot to not be for sale
/plot perm [hud]: Shows line of perms associated with the plot a player is standing in
/plot set [reset/embassy/shop/etc]: Set a plot to a specific type, or reset it to a normal plot
/plot set name: Set a plot’s name
/plot set perm (perm): Change the permissions of a specific plot
/plot toggle [fire/pvp/explosion/mob]:
Turn on/off firespread
PVP: Turn on/off PVP
Explosion: Turn on/off explosions
Mob: Turn on/off hostile mobspawning

Resident Commands:
/res (player): Shows resident screen of specified player
/res friend [add/add+/remove/remove+]: Add an online player to your friends list (+ = Offline)
/res friend clearlist: Clear all friends from friend list
/res toggle [map/ignoreplots]:
Turns on /towny map; refreshes when moving across chunks
Ignoreplots: Turns on/off plot notifications in towns
/res set perm (perm): Edits permissions for resident
/res tax: Shows taxes a player pays

Town Commands:
/t (town):
Shows a town’s town screen
/t here: Shows town screen of the town you’re in
/t leave: Leave your town
/t list (#): Lists towns
/t online: Shows online town residents
/t new (town): Creates a new town
/t add (player): Add players to town
/t kick (player): Remove players from town
/t spawn (town): Teleport to town’s spawn
/t claim: Claim a townblock where you are
/t claim Outpost: Claim an outpost where you are
/t deposit ($): Add money to the town bank
/t withdraw ($): Remove money from town bank
/t delete: Delete your town
/t rank [add|remove] (player) (rank): Grants/Removes a rank
/t reslist (town): See full list of residents in a town
/t set mayor (player): Sets mayor to another resident
/t set homeblock: Sets homeblock and spawn of town
/t set spawn: Sets town spawnchunk
/t set name (town): Change’s town name
/t set outpost: Reset’s outpost’s spawn to player location
/t set perm (perm): Edit town permissions
/t set taxes ($): Sets taxes of residents
/t set plottax ($): Sets taxes collected from each resident’s plot, pet plot owned
/t toggle [explosion/fire/mobs/public/pvp/taxpercent/open]:
Turns on/off explosions in town
Fire: Turns on/off firespread in town
Mobs: Turns on/off hostile mobspawning in town
Public: Turns on/off public /t spawning & town’s coordinates on /t screen
PVP: Turns on/off PvP in town
Taxpercent: Turns on/off taxing by %/flatrate
Open: Turns on/off public joining to your town.
/t join (town): Join a town

Nation Commands:
/n list:
Lists nations
/n online: Shows online nation members
/n leave: Leave a nation (Mayor command)
/n withdraw ($): Remove money from nation bank
/n deposit ($): Add money to nation bank
/n new (nation): Create a nation
/n rank: Set ranks in nation
/n add (town): Invite town to nation
/n kick (town): Kick town from nation
/n delete: Deletes nation
/n ally [add/remove] (nation): Add/Remove a nation to/from ally list
/n enemy [add/remove] (nation): Add/Remove a nation to/from enemy list
/n set king (player): Set a new King of nation
/n set Capital (town): Sets the capital and King of nation
/n set taxes ($): Sets nationtax applied to all towns within the nation
/n set name (nation): Sets nation name