Top of the morning to ya laddies and lassos I'm Titan 👋


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My name is Titan or Will and I recently joined Renovia as of today and I live in the lone star state!

I have decided to make this introduction if anyone is interested in learning who I am or what I do on Renovia. A few people on Renovia already know who I am or hopefully remember me from another server that we used to play together on. I have joined Renovia as of 5/29/2020 and I plan on staying for a while.

I don't currently much as of right now due to quarantine, closest I do that is close to a job is lawn care.

In game, I plan on making a restaurant possibly named the Atomic Wrangler and I plan on selling drinks from the brewery plugin if I can ever advance that far and I also plan on selling potions/Mysterious stews. Another thing that I plan on doing during my time on this server is the creation of a cult that worships Gambling and normalizes sins found in other cults. Examples of sins i will allow that have no correlation to my bar business is drinking and gambling. Some of the rules of my cult will change over time and it is not due to possible profits I can make off of my customers. Our cult also allows and encourages the owning of cats unlike most cults.

I can't to see all of you beautiful people on Renovia, let me know if you have any questions on me or my cult in the replies!
(Also just ignore the bolding, italicizing, etc. no correlation to anything, weird bug that happened while creating it)


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Welcome to the server, Titan! We're happy to have you here.

Will your cult be peaceful with the Duck Cult?