Outdated Server Commands List


Donor - Duke
Server Commands List:
Towny Commands:
Click here!
GUI Commands:
Opens Frequently Asked Questions menu
/ranks: Opens rank menu
/staff: View current staff
/titles: View titles (Rank & Event Titles)
/vote: Opens voting menu
/warp: Teleport to magical places!
Channel Commands:
/ch Global: Talk in general chat
/ch Help: Ask questions/for assistance
/ch Local: Talk with others within a 100m radius
/ch Market: Buy/Trade/Sell items or Advertise a shop
/ch Nation: Talk to nation members
/ch Town: Talk to town members
/chat (player): Begin persistent messaging with a player
/chat off: Stop persistent messaging with a player
/ignore (player): Ignores a player’s chat

/mail clear: Clears mailbox
/mail read: Reads your mail
/mail send (player) (message): Sends a mail to a player
Monetary Commands:
/ah sell (price):
Sells item in hand for x price
/ah: Opens Auction House
/auc: Shows auction commands
/bal: Checks balance
/baltop: Shows top balances of players
/jobs: Shows jobs commands
/lottery help: View lottery commands
/pay (player) ($): Pays player x amount
/trade (player): Requests a trade with another player
/trade accept: Accept trade request
/trade deny: Deny trade request
/worth: Check the worth of held item
Teleport Commands:
/delhome: Delete a home
/home: Teleport to your home
/pw: Opens playerwarp menu
/rtp: Randomly teleport in Towny, Resource, or Nether worlds
/sethome: Set a home
/tpa: Request to teleport to a player
/tpaccept: Accept a request
/tpdeny: Deny a request
/tpahere: Request to have a player teleport to you
/warp Crates: Teleport to Crates
/warp Resource: Teleport to the Resource world
/warp Shop: Teleport to the Shop
/warp Tutorial: Teleport to Tutorial Room
Other Commands:
Toggle afk mode
/bp: Opens backpack
/brew info: Shows level of drunkenness
/cplaytime: GUI with full breakdown of playtime info.
/credits: View your mcMMO credit balance
/dback: Teleport to last death location
/discord: Invite link to our Discord

/itemfilter: Opens a GUI to edit what items are being filtered
/itemfilter toggle: Toggles Itemfilter on/off
/ping: Shows player’s ping
/playtime: View your playtime
/pos: View your current location
/redeem: Redeem your mcMMO Credits
/rules: View our server rules
/sit: Sit in your current location
/seen (player): Checks when a player was last online
/tps: Shows server TPS