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The Golden Rule
Be Kind and Respectful to Everyone

Staff, friends, family, or other players - treat them how you'd want them to treat you!

We have a Zero Tolerance Policy for: Racist, Sexist, or Anti-LGBT+ Content or Behavior
Renovia has, is, and will always be a place for people from all walks of life. We believe that discrimination against an individual or group based on factors beyond their control is unfair and unacceptable, and will react as such to any breaches of this particular policy.

General Rules
For Forums, Discord and Servers
1️⃣ No Advertising or "Poaching" Intentionally removing users from our platform with malicious intent towards the individual or Renovia itself
2️⃣ Keep Profanity Mild and Non-Aggressive Language used within public spaces should be PG-13, and not insulting towards others
3️⃣ Political or Religious Content is Discouraged Please refrain from using topics that lead to heated arguments or cause unnecessary drama
4️⃣ No Inappropriate Usernames, Images, or Public Statuses All content should remain PG-13 if it is accessible to other users unless it is explicitly set to private
5️⃣ Harassment or bullying is forbidden This violates the "Golden Rule" and is expressed again here in order to expand on the original idea. Be Kind

Server-Specific Rules
For our Minecraft Towny Server
1️⃣Alternate accounts are allowed, ban evasion is not You may use more than one account if registered with our whitelist, unless it is used to get online when your main account is banned or talk when muted. Doing so will result in all related accounts being punished appropriately
2️⃣ Respect natural land up to 32 blocks from towns Player-made builds outside of towns is not, but destruction of server-generated terrain can be considered harassment. Includes but is not limited to dirt, stone, plants, water sources
3️⃣ Do not /sethome inside others' plots/towns without permission Unless given explicit permission, this creates an invasion of privacy and your /home may be involuntarily removed. Permission can be revoked at any time so long as the owner informs you of the change
4️⃣ No Anti-AFK or Lag Machines Using redstone or builds to circumvent server-made restrictions or harm other players experience is strictly prohibited and they may be disabled or removed entirely as deemed necessary

For information on Mods, click here

Discord Rules
Click here to open the #read-me Channel

Additional Information
Some terms you may hear during your time on Renovia
By using our platform, users assume responsibility on an individual level to exercise caution in regards to their items, money or other belongings. There is an inherent risk involved in regular gameplay, and staff is not under obligation to offer compensation or modifications after such events where the loss occurred through natural means and regular gameplay. This also includes instances where instructions or usage was clearly defined/labelled, but were performed incorrectly, resulting in monetary or item loss.
Staff are promoted based on a variety of factors, most important being the ability to judge fairly and act in a way representative of our standards, rules and expectations. This includes scenarios in which it is unclear whether a rule has been broken, may be broken, or under which rule an event falls under. During these times, staff members reserve the right to use their judgement while investigating or taking action during an ongoing altercation. This is provided that the staff member can produce ample evidence or relevant documentation (Ex. Screenshots) and justification for their actions (privately documented and reproduced as needed) to any supervising staff, as well as in the event of a further report or appeal as a direct result of their decisions and/or actions. This does NOT mean that staff are exempt from the rules themselves, and behavior that violates the rules may still be reported to the appropriate higher staff members. Disciplinary action taken on a staff member does not directly constitute a reversal of the ruling on a particular case of other users conduct, unless deemed necessary as it relates to the particular instance.

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