Outdated May Top Voters & Maintenance Recap


Donor - Duke

May Top Voters:

1st Place: Newtghat (139 Votes)

2nd Place: Amber94 (57 Votes)

3rd Place: PlanetPipster (55 Votes)

Winners have received their items and received a /mail in-game.

Voting Goals:
1250 votes - x1.5 Jobs XP and x1.5 Jobs Money Weekend the following month
1500 votes - Add ability to repair Elytra with McMMO @ Repair lvl 1,000 & x2 McMMO XP Weekend the following month

Maintenance Recap:
  • The End, Nether, and Resource worlds have been reset.
  • Added something special to Spawn
  • Stanley Smith is back for a few days! Make sure to repair your goodies before he leaves!
  • Reset Votes and handed out voting rewards.