LWC Usage Guide


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LWC Container Permissions

More than just a protection measure, LWC can be used in a variety of ways to expand your horizons.

Protection Types:
Public - Anyone can access the protection, but no one can protect it for themselves. Mainly useful for community chests that store items for anyone to use.
Private - By default, only you can access the protection. You can also add other players and groups to the protection so that they, too can access it.
Password - The protection has a set password and you need to enter it each time you login. This can of course be shared with other players.

Protection Blocks:
LWC can protect,
- chest
- furnace
- dispenser
- sign
- wooden_door
- iron_door
- trap_door

/cpublic - Creates a public protection
/cprivate - Create a private protection
/cpassword - Password-protect a block
/cunlock - Unlock a password-protected block
/cremove - Removes protection from a block
/cinfo - Punch a protection to view information on it
Advanced Permissions:
/cmodify - Modify an existing protection, adding or removing users and/or groups.
/cmodify <username> - Adds player <username> to private chest
/cmodify -<username> - Removes player <username> to private chest
/cmodify town:<townname> - Adds town to private chest
Persistent Mode will let you perform your last command on multiple blocks, untill you turn it off. This is usefull if you need to run the same command for multiple chests.
/lwc mode persist <on/off> - Turns on/off the persist mode
Droptransfer Mode makes dropped items automatically go to a designated chest. This means you can drop anything anywhere in the world and it will go into the chest.
Assuming a) you're in the same world as the chest, and b) the chest has room
/lwc mode droptransfer select - Select the chest drops go to
/lwc mode droptransfer <on/off> - Enable/disable the droptransfer
/lwc mode droptransfer status - Display the status of the droptransfer
There are 5 types of flags each container can toggle. They are Redstone, Magnet, AutoClose, AllowExplosions, and Hopper
/lwc flag <flagname> <on/off>
Redstone: If "on", redstone can influence the protected block, e.g. open doors, disable hopper.
Magnet: Put nearby dropped items into the protected chest. This is limited to items right on top of the chest, does not have a radius.
AutoClose: Automagically close a protected door if it was opened
AllowExplosions: Allows the protected block to be destroyed by an explosion
Hopper: Controls whether or not hoppers can be used on a protected block