Outdated July Top Voters & Maintenance Recap

What should the new Witch NPC's name be?

  • Wendy Witch

  • Blessed Betty

  • Cursed Karen

  • Betsy the Blessed

  • Unholy Helga

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Town: Stronghold | Mayor: 5tendeval
Credit to Ralston1997 for the image

July Top Voters

1st Place: Ralston1997 (182 Votes)
2nd Place: Newtghat (92 Votes)
3rd Place: PlanetPipster (53 Votes)

Maintenance Recap
  • The Nether, End and Resource worlds have been reset

  • McMMO Repair is now available for 3 new items - Elytra, Trident, and Crossbow
    • Crossbows start at level 0 and requires Iron Ingots
    • Tridents start at level 500 and require Prismarine Crystals
    • Elytras start at level 1,000 and require Phantom Membranes
  • Stanley Smith has been reworked slightly, with increased prices and will now repair elytra when visiting
    New Repair Prices:
    • Iron Tier - $250
    • Gold Tier - $1,000
    • Diamond Tier - $15,000
    • String Tier - $750
    • Tridents - $20,000
    • Elytra - $100,000
  • A stranger has appeared in the attic of Simon's Shipping Co. in Spawn!
    • The new Witch NPC will remove ALL curses from your items (even binded armor!) for a price, but beware! Magic can be... unpredictable
    • Please vote for her official name on the poll above!
  • Towny will now ONLY accept 1.15.2 clients, due to incompatibility with some new behind-the-scene things
    • Hub will continue to support 1.8 -> 1.16+ clients, but you will not be able to continue past hub without 1.15.2
Note on 1.16.x: We are preparing to update Towny, and are waiting on just a few more plugins to receive their updates! Most likely, next month's maintenance will be our official update. Thank you for your patience!

July Birthdays: Ralston1997, MotherOfUnicorns, Observantsaskia, RedstoneMCPC173​