Hello, I'm Csoi!


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Hello friends!

My name is CsoiSauce, most people call me Csoi. I am one of the Owners on Renovia!
Renovia Background: HeadAdmin: 09/01/18 -> 08/18/19 ;; Content: 02/17/20 -> 04/14/20 ;; Owner: 04/14/20 -> Current

I thought of making this Introduction post to explain my responsibilities/roles, as well as to help encourage future/current friendship among players.

What are my responsibilities/roles?
Real-Life Roles: Aunt, Cat Mother, Daughter, Friend, Girlfriend, and Student.
Real-Life Responsibilities: Annoy my boyfriend to no end, corrupt my nephews, somehow survive college with an Associates Degree or Bachelors.

In-Game Roles: Content Creator, Content Tester, Friend, Owner, Project Management, Role Model, Staff Coordinator.
In-Game Responsibilities: Do that thing to make Para's life easier, Promotions/Demotions of Staff Members & Builders, Instill values into new staff members, etc.

What are my Likes/Dislikes?
1.) Cats.
2.) Food.
3.) Making cool things.

1.) Thunderstorms
2.) When my cat wakes me up at 3AM
3.) School

What is something i'm proud of?
Main thing: Being alongside Para and helping her achieve her dreams!
Other thing: Most GUIs you find are created by me!

If you have any other questions, leave a comment and I will respond to it! Also, make an introductory post about you!