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  1. ParadiddlePride

    Upcoming Rank Titles

    Hello Renovians! I'm currently working on outlining the perks for the new ranks we'll be releasing soon. Below are the proposed rank titles from lowest to highest. The NUMBER of ranks will not change, but the order, title, or theme is open to discussion. Explorer Citizen Privateer Captain Chief...
  2. ParadiddlePride

    Renovia Rules for All Platforms

    The Golden Rule Be Kind and Respectful to Everyone Staff, friends, family, or other players - treat them how you'd want them to treat you! We have a Zero Tolerance Policy for: Racist, Sexist, or Anti-LGBT+ Content or Behavior Renovia has, is, and will always be a place for people from all walks...
  3. ParadiddlePride

    Outdated July Top Voters & Maintenance Recap

    Town: Stronghold | Mayor: 5tendeval Credit to Ralston1997 for the image July Top Voters 1st Place: Ralston1997 (182 Votes) 2nd Place: Newtghat (92 Votes) 3rd Place: PlanetPipster (53 Votes) Maintenance Recap The Nether, End and Resource worlds have been reset McMMO Repair is now available...
  4. ParadiddlePride

    Custom Brewery Recipe Suggestion

    Hi Titan! This is a lot to read through and digest... would you mind giving each suggested recipe, or individual suggestion, it's own "paragraph" or section?
  5. ParadiddlePride

    Splatter Fest

    Hello, I checked at those coordinates (which put me in the void in a random spot), then moved the - sign around until I found your town. There was nothing located there, so I searched through some chests at your base. Finally, I found a hoe in a random chest that had the Splatter Fest enchant. I...
  6. ParadiddlePride

    Builder Job Suggestion

    As it's been 2 weeks since a reply to this thread, thread will be locked. Feel free to make a new thread if you have more ideas :)
  7. ParadiddlePride

    Builder Job Suggestion

    In addition to being hard to balance, I have never seen a use for Builder job. Every job we have has been repeatedly combed over to find the "best" way to get the most money out of it in as short a time as possible. This will inevitably lead to some players just creating towers of the same type...
  8. ParadiddlePride

    Donor Rank Request Megathread

    Did you buy a Donor Rank, and now you want the shiny tag applied to your Forums account? You're in the right place! To have your rank applied, comment on this thread with a picture of your Discord or in-game name + Tag/Title. You'll only need to post your highest rank. Requests will be filled...