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Statement from Staff
The safety of our community and staff members is, and will always be, our top priority. If at any time you, as one of Renovia's members, are the recipient of malicious, threatening or inappropriate content, we urge you to contact an Admin+ staff member as soon as possible. This extends to unsolicited private messages you may receive from other community members. It is our mission to provide and maintain a safe place to play and socialize for all of our players.

General Server Rules
[1] Respect all players regardless of rank or position
No matter what tag may appear before their name, everyone is still a player here. Treat them as you wish to be treated. After all, we're all here for the same reason - to play a block game.
  • This includes all forms of harassment or bullying of others. Going out of your way to intentionally disrupt the gameplay of an individual or group is prohibited. Respect the wishes of the other players, leave when asked, and allow them to play in peace.
  • Actions such as claiming around a town (in such a way that it stops development/expansion) or otherwise interfering with aspects of gameplay are also considered harassment.
[2] Advertising or mentioning of a server name or IP in any way will not be tolerated
  • Regardless of method (chat channels, signs, books, etc.), if a server IP is mentioned, it is advertising and will result in a permanent ban.
  • Mentioning a server name in the chat is prohibited, even if you were not trying to suggest players join that server.
  • If it is determined that you are discussing another server AND are trying to steal players from Renovia (ie. telling your friend to join you to another server you play on), it will be seen as actively advertising and will result in a permanent ban.
  • The exception to these rules are ONLY major mini-game servers such as Hypixel or Mineplex. These servers are known by most, if not all players, and we do not compete with them. Excessively bringing up these two servers will result in punishment. However, you may still not say server IPs regardless of the server.
  • Advertising our server onto another server in an attempt to take players from that community will result in punishment. We do not allow players to advertise here, and will not allow it to be done elsewhere out of respect to others.
[3] Racist, sexist, or homophobic remarks will not be tolerated
  • If it's hateful against a specific group of people, it's likely not allowed. Respect other people.
  • This includes use of the word "gay" in a derogatory manner, for example "that block is so gay". Blocks do not have preferences. You're just being a jerk. If you're saying that a person, place or thing is "so gay", we're going to assume it's covered in a fabulous amount of rainbows. It's okay to be gay.
[4] Keep profanity mild and not excessive
  • Using profanity is allowed unless it is used to insult another player, including the person themselves or their builds. Negativity in general should be kept out of chat - we're here to enjoy a game, not bash on other people.
  • Keeping cursing to a minimum includes not using it excessively in a single phrase or in every single message sent. If it becomes too much, staff will kindly ask you to tone it down.
[5] No spamming or overuse of caps
  • Using capital letters takes up more lines per message than regular typing, and is often seen as obnoxious and rude as it looks as though you're yelling at someone. Therefore, we ask that you use caps as is appropriate in proper grammar.
  • Outside of proper grammar rules, 6 or more capitalized letters in a single word or message is considered abuse, meaning THIS is fine, but "I really HATE FARMER JOB!" would not be, as it has 13 letters capitalized. The standard of 6 also applies to excessive use of characters (Ex. Helloooooooo has an excessive amount of "o"s.) Staff discretion will be used in both cases.
  • If you want to express your excitement, it's suggested you use the exclamation mark, like this!
[6] Keep politics and religion out of chat.
  • These topics are often controversial and only lead to drama/arguments. You are welcome to discuss them privately, but in public chats or places please refrain from bringing it up.
[7] No inappropriate usernames, skins or explicit content.
  • The content of your Minecraft character skin and the username/nickname displayed in-game should follow all other rules set forth here. If it does not, you will be asked to remove it.
  • Failure to follow this rule will result in a ban, which will not be lifted until proof of the change is presented in an appeal.
  • Explicit content includes anything that would be disallowed under a PG rating, such as adult-only language or themes.
[8] No hacked clients or missing-texture packs
  • Using a hacked client, or anything that gives you an advantage over other players who use regular gameplay, will result in a ban.
  • X-Ray in any form is considered a hack, and receives the same punishment.
  • If we discover you are using a hacked client or disallowed texture pack, even if you are not enabling the advantages, you will be banned.
[9] Any exploitation or hiding of a bug will not be tolerated. This includes block glitching!
  • Use of a bug, glitch or any unintended gameplay mechanic to gain an advantage is considered bug abuse. This includes things that may affect PvP, personal monetary income, gaining access to previously inaccessible areas, and the gaining of rare or unusual items in unintended methods.
  • If you believe you may have found an exploit, the best thing to do is report it immediately. Severe, game-breaking or OP exploits should be reported privately to Admin+, and not shared publicly.
[10] No alternate accounts.
  • It is your responsibility to inform a staff member of anyone included on your IP address. This means if you have friends over, or family members all playing on Renovia at the same time, it would put them on your IP address while connected. So long as you inform a staff member that everyone is only using one account per person, it is allowed.
  • If multiple accounts are found under your IP address with no explanation provided, the account will be banned without warning. We will assume you are trying to use them as a "Alt".
  • Always notify staff members of VPN usage.
[11] No scamming - make sure both parties agree
  • The best way to prepare against a possible scam is to get photographic evidence (or your Minecraft logs) of the agreement. If the agreement is ambiguous, we will not take action. It's your responsibility to set the terms of the deal.
  • Exceptions include: Renaming of an item to intentionally mislead another player, setting a trap to kill a player, or other blatantly malicious attempts to deceive a player. These are prohibited and require less evidence, but may need a screenshot where applicable of the item or death message.
  • The exchange of a rank for in game items or money is not explicitly disallowed, but Renovia is not responsible for preventing scams. ALWAYS collect photographic evidence so the affected parties can accurately and effectively report any scams.


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Towny Specific Rules
[1] Natural land is protected within a 64 block radius of a claim. Man-made builds can be destroyed within that 64 block radius.
  • Natural land includes any blocks generated when the world was created, or as part of our world seed. Think dirt, stone, trees, ores, etc.
  • It is your responsibility to protect your builds. If you do not claim a chunk in a town and the build on it is destroyed, this falls under player responsibility.
[2] No TP-Killing. This includes /t spawn, /home, and /back.
  • If an individual teleports to a player OR has the player teleport to them and is attacked by that player, they are being tp-killed.
  • The protections of /home and /back do not apply when raiding. Raid at your OWN RISK.
  • If this situation occurs, you ARE allowed to defend yourself.
  • Please report this to staff as soon as possible, as well as any evidence pertaining to the incident.
[3] Do not use /ah or /auc to advertise.
  • Appropriate places to advertise your shop or other transactions include: Forums, Market-Chat in Discord, or in-game Market channel (/ch Market)
  • This also includes recruiting town members, a town itself, or other comments.
  • Use of auctions for rude or inappropriate messages will be canceled without refund of item used
[4] Do not sethome in a player’s plot without permission.
  • Automatically assume that permission is not granted. If permission is granted, you are encouraged to take a screenshot of this in case of a dispute down the road.
  • Permission can be revoked by the plot owner at ANY TIME. They, however, are required to inform you of this change. Failure to give a proper notice will result in no action being taken in the event of a dispute, other than a request to remove your home at that time.
[5] No inappropriate builds, anti-afk machines, or lag machines
  • If the build contains any references to inappropriate topics, you will be asked to remove it. Failure to do so will result in a ban and removal of the entire build.
  • We have an AFK kick for a reason. Please do not indulge in creating these machines or using these clients. It's unfair to everyone else.
  • If the purpose of the machine is solely to cause lag, it will be removed.
  • If a redstone contraption is causing lag, but the intention was not to cause lag, it is requested you make adjustments to the build to reduce any lag it creates. This is handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • Staff may disable a build in extreme cases (such as breaking a piece of redstone) to preserve server performance. If this is necessary, you will be notified via a sign near the break or a /mail. If you ignore these attempts at contacting you and rebuild the machine causing lag, further action may be taken.


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Discord Specific Rules
The majority of our server rules also apply to our Discord. If you are not allowed to say it on our server, please do not say it here.

[1] No file sharing. If you are wanting to send files to someone, please do so in direct messages. Pictures are okay!

[2] Be respectful and courteous to others. Do not go into voice channels to annoy/troll other users with voiceboxes or soundboards.
[3] Keep images and conversations PG.
[4] No drama - if you're having a friendly argument, it's best to keep it in PMs.
[5] No political or religious chat. Politics and religion have always been very controversial subjects. Let's keep it out please.

[6] Please do not disclose of anyone's personal information.


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Additional Information
These are some additional terms or concepts you may hear during your time on Renovia
Player Responsibility: By playing on our server, players assume responsibility on an individual level to exercise caution in regards to their items, money or other belongings. There is an inherent risk involved in regular gameplay, and staff is not under obligation to offer compensation or modifications after such events where the loss occurred through natural means and regular gameplay. This also includes instances where instructions or usage was clearly defined/labelled, but were performed incorrectly, resulting in monetary or item loss.

Staff Discretion: Staff are promoted based on a variety of factors, most important being the ability to judge fairly and act in a way representative of our standards, rules and expectations. This includes scenarios in which it is unclear whether a rule has been broken, may be broken, or under which rule an event falls under. During these times, staff members reserve the right to use their judgement while investigating or taking action during an ongoing altercation. This is provided that the staff member can produce ample evidence or relevant documentation (Ex. Screenshots) and justification for their actions (privately documented and reproduced as needed) to any supervising staff, as well as in the event of a further report or appeal as a direct result of their decisions and/or actions.
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