Introducing FBI


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Have you ever been to your favorite latin-american dine in and ordered yourself a burrito, only to have it come to you in subpar condition?

Hello, I am Mio. And I represent the Federal Burrito Institute. (Logo pending)

Together, with the support of my fellow Americans,we will resolve these Burrito hate crimes and make the world a better place. However, our goals do not fall short of just in america. Through different marketing options, we hope to once day become the Global Leader in resolving the incomprehensible amount of poor quality burritos. In 2020 we launched a campaign to gather support through different channels to help gather support and understanding. These channels include - but are not limited to: Minecraft and Discord communities.

Remember - if you ever find a Burrito that isn't living up to the Quality it should you can contact us on discord at FBI#4371 or find us on the server by mailing Miotoshi_Sama