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Suggested addition/change: New custom Brewing Recipe Ideas!
Description: I have a few ideas on custom recipes that could be added to spice things up. I can provide what I would think would be the ingredients to create these drinks or soups and possibly the boiling time or aging. Below are the recipe ideas that I have. Flavor ingredients will be in ()
If some of these suggestions are added, a lot of the recipes will most likely be different. I am not a professional when it comes to alcohol or the process behind it.
Custom Recipe Suggestions

Non alcoholic drinks

Coca Cola/Soda
12 sugar, 1 sugar cane, 2 cocoa beans
Boiling time: 2 minutes
Distilling time
: 1-3 times
Possible flavorings: Berry (sweet berries), Cream soda (more sugar/sugarcane and 2 milk) Root beer, (flowers maybe? Ferns?) Apple soda (apples) Enriched apple soda (golden/enchanted golden apples) Rum and Soda (Rum or the ingredients used to make rum) Maybe flavorings that could be added that have to do with the end/nether, by using netherwart, magma cream, chorus fruit, chorus flower, etc.

Ingredients: 10 sugar, 1 sugar cane
Boiling time: 4 minutes
Distilling time: 1-2 times
Possible Flavorings:
Apple juice (3 apples) Carrot juice (6 carrots) Grape, cranberry, and or other berry juices ( 10 sweet berries) Beet juice (10 beetroots)
Ingredients: , 4 oak leaves, 2 grass, 1 poppy, honey?
Boiling time: 4 minutes
Possible flavorings: Sweet tea (5 sugar) Apple Tea (1 apple) Honey tea (bottle of honey) Hibiscus tea (red flower/s) Berry tea (sweet berries) Green tea (grass and maybe flowers) Tea that uses different leaves (acacia, dark oak, birch, etc.)



Ingredients: 20 cocoa beans
Boiling time: 2 minutes
Distilling time: 1 time

Ingredients: 20 cocoa beans, 2 milk buckets
Boiling time: 2 minutes
Distilling time: 1 time
Flavorings: vanilla crème (3 sugar, 1 sugarcane) Pumpkin spice Latte ( 2 pumpkins)

Alcoholic Beverages


Ingredients: 2 apples, one golden nugget, 1 sugar
Boiling time: 5 minutes
Distilling time: 1 time

Ageing: Oak Barrel and 2 days

Ingredients: 3 cactus 2 roses 1 sugar
Boiling time: 4 minutes
Distilling time 1 time
Ageing: Spruce and 8 days


Carrot Soup
Ingredients: 5 Carrots, 3 grass
Boiling time: 3 minutes
Distilling time: 1 time

Vegetarian's Stew
Ingredients: 10 grass, 1 potato, 2 carrots, 2 wheat, 3 of any flower
Boiling time: 5 minutes
Distilling time: 1 time

Meat Lover's Stew
Ingredients: 1 Steak, 1 chicken, 1 mutton
Boiling time: 5 minutes
Distilling time: 1 time

These could be called whatever the staff member wants or (persons name)'s (drink of choice). These brews would have whatever the staff member would want to drink or have in their drink. Another suggestion to add more diversity to the plugin could be different soups! A few ideas for this that I have for soups could be carrot soup, mixed her soup, poor man's soup which would consist of flowers and grass, Meat stew, etc.These are all of the recipe ideas that I have for now, but I have a few suggestions on how to add these custom brew recipes! One way to give people these recipes is by adding an extension or a book in game that gives people the recipe but the recipe is vague. An example of this would be a short brewing time, lots of sugar, etc. This can apply to the other ways to add this to let people experiment and hope to get a 5 star brew.
Pros/Cons of this idea: Im going to get rid of the cons straight away that I can see with these new recipes. One con could be the amount of time it would take to add all of these different variants to different drinks or the method of achieving all these different recipes. When it comes to the community, I can't think of a reason why the general public would not want more custom recipes to make brewery a little more fun. Pros of these suggestions could be events circled around making a perfect brew of one of these additions, the ability to learn the recipe would not be limited time but it would be a nice Block Party event idea. Another pro of this suggestion would be that it would create a bigger reason to buy/learn/use the brewery plugin. These drinks and stews could be a new way to maximize effectiveness combat, speed, mining, etc. I realize that due to the length and the amount of ideas in this post that a good bit of these recipes might not be considered, but I hope staff looks at this and thinks about adding some of these or create new custom brewery recipes.
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Hi Titan!
This is a lot to read through and digest... would you mind giving each suggested recipe, or individual suggestion, it's own "paragraph" or section?


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Hello Titan!

I'm extremely sorry for the late reply. Thank you for the suggestions! We will be using these overtime with some changes.